How do I access the restricted videos? Pledge to me on Patreon! Already a member? Connect your patreon to this website using the footer at the bottom of this page!

What do the categories at the top mean? These are the names of my subscription tiers on Patreon. My videos are divided into these categories according to their corresponding tier level!

How do Patreon billing cycles work? Patreon charges you immediately upon pledging to be a supporter and then automatically bills you again on the first of every month that you stay pledged. You can cancel your pledge at anytime, but you will loose access to my videos when you do! (so download them if that’s your thing)

Do you do nude content? No, only implied nudity or lewdness!

Can I get a custom video? Unfortunately, I am not taking custom requests right now.

How do I leave feedback for you Ms. Aftyn? I have an anonymous feedback form here! You can also leave comments or directly message me on Patreon, or send me an email at

Do you have an amazon wishlist? why thank you for asking, as a matter of fact I do!